NYC Rim Repair

Repairing vehicle damage requires utilizing specialists for specific tasks. Our technicians are superiorly trained in all aspects of rim repair in NYC. We can reconstruct your vehicle back to factory specifications or the standards of your customizations. From bent rims to cracked wheels and even rashes from curb damage, we can get you back up to speed in no time.

Bent Rims

Bent wheels can damage tires by uneven distribution to the road. Unless the seals of the tires to the rims are airtight, it cannot hold the proper air pressure. In turn, this can impair the steering and suspension systems of your vehicle. NYC Wheel Pros offer the best rim repair service in all five boroughs of New York City. All wheels in for Straightening Services are remounted and Speed Balanced to assure the correct ride quality of your vehicle.

Cracked Wheel Repair

Cracks on your wheels can cause leaks and eventually widen resulting in tire blow-out. Daily driving and accidents take their toll on the life on wheels. Resist erosion with the best in the business. Our specialist rim repair technicians offer full TIG Welding services. We can repair almost any cracked rim. Welding is the permanent solution for any aluminum rim which has been cracked because of a pothole on the road, or road hazard. If you do not weld a small crack when noticed, it can lead to a greater issue if not repaired properly. Our Facebook reviews speak for themselves. We are known for our amazing rim repairs in NYC, we earned the name NYC Wheel Professionals by being exactly that. Our signature is not is we don’t leave WELD MARKS!

Curb Damage Rash Repair

If you drive in NYC, then you know how sacrosanct a parking space is. But we can’t always get valet service and parallel parking happens. The sound of aluminum rims scraping the concrete jars the nerves of any automobile owner. Little nicks on the right wheels cry out amateur driver. The solution is to have professionals handle the damage so you can ride in flawless style.

The best team in Brooklyn is here to refinish your OEM or AFTERMARKET wheels! NYC Wheel Pros will grind, sand, polish, and refurbish each damaged area. We can match manufacturer logos to OEM wheel finishes. The details may vary from the manufacturer so, when in need of a repair, please specify Year/Make/Model of vehicle and a description of the OEM wheel finish.

For a Free Estimate on how we can help bring your wheels back to their original glory call or text (646) 450-7290 Check out our Facebook page NYC Wheel Pros and share your experience with friends.
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