Wrap Your Vehicles Roof

Vinyl Roof Wraps offer a style twist to any vehicle. If you aren’t ready for a full vehicle wraps that provides valuable protection to the entire paint job of the car then meeting in the middle is a vinyl roof wraps. This 100% removable layer of protection improves the look of your car with a customizable look that can’t go wrong. Choose from our catalog of colors to match your vehicle or accent it with a contrasting color for a supreme look all your own.

We recommend adding a black car roof wrap of Gloss Black, Semi-Gloss Black, Matte Black or Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wraps has a 3-dimensional quality on lighter colored vehicles. If your car is already a black tone then consider topping the roof with a white vinyl roof wrap to make it pop out of the ordinary.

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Why Vinyl Wrapping?

Clear vinyl roof wraps give your vehicle the benefit of protection from fading in the glaring sun and protection from micro-dents that occur from parking in the open under trees that drop seeds, pinecones, etc.
Wrapping your cars roof will not affect your insurance premiums as with other modifications. They last several years and can be replaced at any time for a spiffed up look or just a change of style over the years.

All our vinyl roof wraps including roof wrappings are done in house at our location in Brooklyn, NYC. Call or text 646-450-7290 with any questions about roof wrapping you might have and one of our friendly associates will answer your inquiries and help you book an appointment when you are ready.

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