How is Caliper Painting Done?

Caliper painting is not a task to be done by amateurs. Run-off paint can interfere with proper braking functions. Your safety on the road is at risk if the job is not performed by regulated and experienced professionals. Spilled paint can ruin the look if it is off a fraction of an inch so don’t trust this custom task to just anyone. Book your appointment by filling out our easy booking form on the homepage or calling (646) 450-7290 and yes, we even respond via text.

NYC Wheel Professionals have the patience to carefully paint and customize your vehicle’s calipers with precision and astonishing detail. We’ll do the entire job in house and with the quickest turn-around in all of New York City.

Caliper Painting Service

Customized colored caliper paint jobs can help your vehicle have a truly distinguished style of their own. As the wheels spin and the rims rotate, the calipers maintain steady focus to spectators admiring a masterpiece of automotive style. A finely painted caliper can jump out at you and grab your attention with the sharp contrast between the shiny metal of the wheels and the bold highlight of custom calipers. Don’t let a rusty die-cast chunk of hardware ruin the seamless look of perfection. Custom caliper painting service by automotive artisans with scientific precision is what happens in Brooklyn at NYC Wheel Professionals.

Caliper Customization

When you visit NYC Wheel Professionals, the choices for customization skyrocket. You can request factory options or go for a dark muted color. AMG, Akebono, Brembo, and all the other logo decals you need to say your ride is the best. Match colors to your exact specifications, there’s even one to match your honey’s eyes. Go crazy and ask for purple, pink polka dots if that’s your thing. You are in control when you talk to the crew of NYC Wheel Professionals. We know how to take care of the custom jobs that matter. Our convenient location in Brooklyn is where we make all parts of your wheels the star attraction of your set of wheels. Reach us at (646) 450-7290 or book an appointment online.

Beyond the true sense of style and customization, the added benefit of caliper painting is extending the life of the calipers. The durable paint resists the build up of brake dust, road grime, and most importantly rust. We will grind out any imperfections and make your calipers the envy of the road.

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