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Need Brake Pad Replacement in NYC?

Do you see any possible signs of wear and tear in your brake pads? Are there any obvious & bad brake pad symptoms appearing? Do you find your vehicle taking a relatively long time to stop when you’re applying brakes while on the road? These are all possible signs that your brake pad has worn out and requires replacement. At NYC Wheel Pros, we care about your brake pad requirements as one of our own. We can help you replace brake pads and also do a replacement for your brake rotors if needed. Are you in search of the best professionals in the market for brake pad replacement & rotor replacement? NYC Wheel Pros is just the place for you.

NYC Wheel Pros - A Complete Wheel Solution For You

NYC Wheel Pros is a professional wheel installation & brake service provider. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible service and products. If you need help with brake pad replacement or rotor replacement, our team of professionals can replace them for any vehicle. Whether you drive Ford, Ferrari, Chevy, Toyota, or any other car brand, we can help you.

We also provide a wide range of other services such as wheel installation, wheel repair, caliper painting, ceramic coating and more.

What Kind of Brakes Do We Replace?


Ceramic Brakes

Ceramic brakes are made of a ceramic compound that is designed to resist fade and wear. They offer excellent braking performance and are very durable. Ceramic brakes are a good choice for high-performance vehicles or for anyone who wants the best possible braking performance. They are much more reliable in different extreme weather conditions.


Slotted Brakes

Slotted brake rotors are rotors which have slots that are etched onto the friction surface of the rotor. The five slots on the lever arm of your parking brake assist in “wiping” the pad clean during each passage and ensuring equal pad wear as well as performance. If you want to go for track racing or high speed, then slotted brakes are a great option.


Drilled Performance Brakes

Are you living in a particular area where you experience a lot of rainfall? Drilled performance brakes are specialized for rainy seasons. The drilled holes in the rotor help to improve heat dissipation and prevent brake fade. These types of brakes also offer excellent friction which adds more bite compared to slotted brakes.

We Can Also Do Brake Rotor Replacement in NYC

A brake rotor is an important component of your vehicle’s braking system. It is a metal disc that is mounted on your vehicle’s wheel. The brake pads grip onto the brake rotor to create friction, which in turn slows down or stops your vehicle. Over time, the brake rotor can become worn out or damaged, which can reduce its ability to stop your vehicle effectively. If you think your brake rotor needs to be replaced, we at NYC Wheel Pros can have a look at it. Our trained & certified experts will provide you with a rotor replacement service that will ensure your wheels keep operating at their best. Do you want to hire a professional for brake rotor replacement?

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